Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I can never take you seriously
I can never take you home or
To the market either
But, mostly, I can never take you seriously.

All I want is to make nonsense with you
Sweet, silent, noisy nonsense
The kind that leaves no room for
Cryptic, riddled questions or
            Untangled horizons.

You make me want to throw all my work
Into the sea
Where it will churn in the writhing watery depths
beneath us
Promising me, with a gurgling sigh,
That I will never do anything great
I will never do anything worth doing
            And isn’t that plenty enough.

What have words ever done for us anyway?
Symbols on a page, stuttering gongs
Resounding at the event horizon
Of human hands and tongues that heaven knows are
Better suited for more godful things.

And when I reach for yours
I am not searching for your meandering
Lifeline under my fingers
Or the taste of your throbbing pulse pressed against
 my own.

I reach
because we already are;
I already am
And so

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